Don’t Deny Your Sweet Tooth

Don’t Deny Your Sweet Tooth

Swing by our bakery for cakes, pan dulce and doughnuts

Sometimes you need a sweet treat to make your day go smoother. At La Tili Supermarket, Inc, you’ll find a variety of sweets at our bakery. All of our bakery items are made fresh every day. We can even bake heavenly custom cakes for weddings and birthdays. Our cakes come in four sizes:

  • Small round cake for $22
  • Square cake, quarter casserole for $35
  • Half cake for $65
  • Full casserole for $125
Our most popular flavor is vanilla tres leches, a light, spongy cake soaked with a mixture of three types of milk. Order your cake today to ensure it’s ready for your next event.

Our other bakery items

Along with our delicious cakes, we also offer a number of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, including:
Pan dulce
Flaky pastries filled with fruit or Bavarian cream
Mexican sub bread

Stop by now to get your sweet fix.